Colonial dating and marriage

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"..size of the quilt (a generous 98 inches by 108 inches) resulted from Mary's promise to keep working on the quilt until the return of her sweetheart from the Civil War...." Mary made her appliqued pomegranate and rose quilt during her long engagement while she waited for her fianc to return from the war.

She included clasped hands and hearts in the quilting to signify her marriage that would finally took place in 1861.

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Consult the Collecting Policy for additional information about our accessioning guidelines.For a simpler quilt you can make it as a four block quilt.In her Antique Quilt Dating Guide Kimberly Wulfert places quilts like this, with stemmed flowers in small vases appliqued on 4 large blocks, in the period from 1830 to 1870. I suggest cutting the squares a little larger as sometimes applique pulls a little and will make the block smaller.Appliqued red and green quilts were popular as a "made for good" quilt though several decades of the mid 19th century.

Many of these precious quilts were carried west by pioneer women.

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