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It may reflect a pre-Latin Oscan influence, in the pronunciation of the d sound as an r sound (rhotacism) at the beginning of a word or between two vowels ("doje" or "duje" (two, respectively feminine and masculine form), pronounced, and often spelled, as "roje"/"ruje", vedé (to see), pronounced as "veré", and often spelled so, also cadé/caré (to fall) and Madonna/Maronna).Another purported Oscan influence is the historical assimilation of the consonant cluster /nd/ as /nn/, pronounced [nː] (it generally is reflected in spelling more consistently) ("), also consistently reflected in spelling.

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However, in the United States traditional Neapolitan has had considerable contact with English, and is significantly different from contemporary Neapolitan spoken in Naples.

The language had never been standardised, and the word for tree has three different spellings: ).

Neapolitan has enjoyed a rich literary, musical and theatrical history (notably Giambattista Basile, Eduardo De Filippo, Salvatore Di Giacomo and Totò).

It is not named after the city of Naples, but rather the homonymous Kingdom that once covered most of the area; the city was in fact its capital.

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On October 14, 2008, a law by the Region of Campania stated that Neapolitan was to be protected.

In western Abruzzo and Lazio the dialects give way to Central Italian dialects such as Romanesco.

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