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22-Nov-2017 08:53

Acest articol explică modul de funcționare a strategiei de licitare automatizată „Maximizați numărul de clicuri” și prezintă setările sale.

Notă: strategia „Maximizați numărul de clicuri” era cunoscută, anterior, sub numele de licitare automată.

Herzlichen Dank für Ihren Kommentar - dieser wird nach einer Prüfung von uns freigeschaltet.

Beachten Sie, dass dies gerade an Wochenenden etwas länger dauern kann.

Dar preşedintele CJA, Iustin Cionca, a spus că proiectul trebuie votat cât mai repede deoarece are la bază o sentinţă judecătorească definitivă.

Respectiva sentinţă arată faptul că o licitaţie care a fost câştigată de firma J&R Car SRL în detrimentul Transdara SA a fost atribuită nelegal, procedura de licitaţie în sine fiind nelegală.

„Dacă votăm acest proiect, vom fi daţi în judecată, atât CJA, cât şi noi, personal, de către J&R Car SRL. Nu credem că este nevoie de o hotărâre a Consiliului Judeţean pentru a pune în aplicare o sentinţă judecătorească definitivă”, au spus pesediştii.

Dacă nu votăm proiectul, vom fi daţi în judecată de Transdara. Apoi, în momentul votului, aceştia s-au ridicat şi au părăsit sala de şedinţe până când ceilalţi consilieri rămaşi înăuntru au votat acel proiect. Ar fi un abuz să nu votăm această hotărâre care are la bază o sentinţă judecătorească.

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Încă înainte de startul şedinţei, pesediştii au solicitat scoaterea acestui proiect de hotărâre de pe ordinea de zi.Aflați mai multe despre strategiile de licitare de portofoliu.

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K (2012) Sleep disturbances in Alzheimer's disease and caregiver mood: A diary study Almalkie, Saba (2012) A study on small scale intermittency using direct numerical simulation of turbulence Amini, Alireza (2012) Mesostructural characterization and probabilistic modeling of the design limit states of parallel strand lumber Anafi, Patricia (2012) Understanding maternal health-care seeking behavior in low-income communities in Accra, Ghana Archer, Jared Steven (2012) Impact resistant glassy polymers: Pre-stress and mode II fracture Avent-Holt, Dustin Robert (2012) Organizing markets: The structuring of neoliberalism in the U. airline industry Aydemir, Ufuk (2012) Topics in high energy physics beyond the standard model Ayvazian, Andrea S (2012) Goals, principles, and practices for community-based adult education through the lens of a Hatcher-Assagioli synthesis Azank, Natasha (2012) "The guerilla tongue": The politics of resistance in Puerto Rican poetry Baird, Jennifer L (2012) The role of the upper body in human locomotion Basak, Dipankar (2012) Proton transfer in organic scaffolds Basole, Amit (2012) Knowledge, gender, and production relations in India's informal economy Batchelor, Heather A (2012) The Rise Up and Leadership in Community Service Classes and Their Impact on the Relationships, School Retention and Persistence of Marginalized Students at One Level Four School Behn, Beth A (2012) Woodrow Wilson's conversion experience: The president and the federal woman suffrage amendment Belcher, Guliz Dinc (2012) Journey from Islamism to conservative democracy: The politics of religious party moderation in Turkey Bendersky, Michael (2012) Information retrieval with query hypergraphs Berg, Tiffany (2012) Determination and speciation of arsenic in environmental and biological samples Blackburn, Thomas J. and Langevin dynamics approach Boisvert, Michelle K (2012) An investigation of the efficacy of speech and language interventions with students with ASD using telepractice Boulton, Christopher (2012) Rebranding diversity: Colorblind racism inside the U. advertising industry Branch, Allison Casta Mercado (2012) The importance of relationship quality in informal HIV caregiving: A dyadic process Breid, Derek Ronald (2012) Controlling morphology in swelling-induced wrinkled surfaces Browning, Emily (2012) Calcareous nannofossil records of Miocene sea level at the Marion Plateau (Northeastern Australia); and Pliocene-Pleistocene formation of cold water carbonate mounds (Northeastern Atlantic Continental Margin) Bush, William S (2012) Gradients and ranges of visually selective attention based on location, objects, color, and size: Gradients are universal, but range is uniquely spatial Caissie, Beth E (2012) Diatoms as recorders of sea ice in the Bering and Chukchi Seas: Proxy development and application Carlin, Alan (2012) Decision-theoretic meta-reasoning in partially observable and decentralized settings Chasaki, Danai (2012) Security issues in networked embedded devices Chen, Chuang (2012) Characterization of bovine gammadelta T cell WC1 coreceptors: Sequence, expression, and function Cheng, Yu-Ting (2012) Catalytic fast pyrolysis of furan over ZSM-5 catalysts: A model biomass conversion reaction Chikkannagari, Nagamani (2012) Functional polymers for anhydrous proton transport Chon, Dong-Hyun (2012) Investigation of excess sludge reduction by an anaerobic side-stream reactor (ASSR): The role of EPS and enzymes in sludge floc Christian, Stefan Graham (2012) The poems of Lady Hester Pulter (1605?… continue reading »

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