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18-Sep-2017 16:40

I'm telling you all of this to help paint a picture of the drastic contrast between this small community and the new city that I call home for the summer, ­ Los Angeles. I have actually been stuck in traffic on one of the infamous freeways at 3 a.m. There is always something to do or something new to see and the size is incredible.

My favorite change is the proximity to the beach here in LA.

However, adrenaline quickly took over and each of us survived the 20 minutes in the spotlight.

Fast-forward a few months and many screenings later.

In case you have never had the opportunity to watch yourself on a big screen in a room full of strangers, let me tell you about the rush of emotions that I have experienced in the last several weeks.

My first time seeing the movie with an actual crowd of strangers was at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and my emotions could be described one word: ­ petrified.

It felt as if we had known each other for a lifetime as we played off of each other's mistakes and took the floor to bail each other out of awkward questions.

I really felt as if things clicked between the five of us that night, as the memories of the initial fear and stage fright were the last thing on our minds.

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However, in addition to the change in scenery, living here has also been a change in lifestyle.

Instead of a summer job delivering furniture or working in a duck hatchery (my last two summer jobs), our job is to talk to people and tell them about our lives.

It sounds very simple, but it is also very difficult.

Going into the summer, I had absolutely no idea what it would be like to promote a movie or what all that would entail.

However, I also had no idea that only a few short weeks after arriving in the grand state of California that I would surmount any fear of public speaking that I ever felt and would be able to address thousands of people calmly and candidly.

Warsaw, Ind., is a small town where the highlight of one's day is often a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up groceries.