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Two to three weeks after your last frost date is usually the best time to plant.

Wait for the warm weather when soil temperatures and night temperatures are reliably above 50.

Any heirloom tomato plant will grow well in a large 10 - 30 gallon container with proper growing techniques.

The dwarf varieties can be grown in 10 gallon containers.

We send you big hearty, lush plants, 8" to 20" tall, in 4" pots, 100% organically grown outdoors in full sun here in Los Angeles.

Occasionally we will send a smaller plant if the root system is well-developed.

The husky dwarf plants are usually shipped at about 5".(Please be sure to double-check your spring or summer vacation schedule before choosing your shipping time.

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If you cannot receive post office packages on Saturdays please let us know and we will be sure your plants do not arrive on a Saturday!

These plants are usually, but not always, small and great for container growing or for your small garden.

They reach a certain predetermined height and then stop growing.

Plant prices are next to their names on The Big List below. We are in Lomita in the South Bay/Torrance area of Los Angeles County near Western and Pacific Coast Highway, 30 minutes south of LAX, 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 3 minutes west of the 110/Harbor freeway.(H) Hybrid. The ones I chose were developed with great flavor as the main criterion.

These are delicious varieties which we have grown and taste-tested to ensure superior flavor.(D) Determinate.

They are among the first 10,000 of 50,000 babies we grow each season.